The art of bespoke, hand-made feathers.

Have you ever had something made just for you? Something that mirrors your favourite colours or your personal style and makes you feel incredibly special when you see it?

Our founder Hayley’s journey to becoming a milliner started because she couldn’t find a hat that she really loved for a point to point visit. She was sold on the idea of a fedora with a beautiful game bird feather pin but didn't fall in love with anything she ordered. In the end, Hayley took a fedora she had purchased and set to work adding her own twist. She certainly did something right, because when she wore her bespoke fedora and feathers to the races, the compliments started rolling in straight away.

Hayley decided she could have accidentally found a new business idea, and it was perfect timing too. A riding accident had left Hayley unable to carry on her equestrian career and in constant pain, so she was on the hunt for a new project to channel her energy into. So, what had Hayley done differently that stood out from the other feather pins on the market?

Hand-engineered pins

Hayley wanted to ensure her feather pins didn’t just look pretty but would stand the test of time for owners who love to really get out and enjoy the countryside. We all know how frustrating it is to get something new - a bracelet or beautiful hat - and find it’s ruined after just one use! Her stepdad showed Hayley how to engineer used rifle casings to create elegant pins that would hold a spray of feathers in place for years to come - and that fitted neatly with the country-inspired theme of Hayley’s vision.

Beautiful bespoke feathers

As you might have guessed from Hayley’s successful first foray into designing her own feather pin, it turned out she had a really good eye for design. Choosing the right combination of feathers in terms of sizes, colours and textures might sound simple, but it’s a real skill. Hayley soon had a waiting list of people who had an idea of what they wanted but needed someone else to finesse and create it. Today, you can buy off-the-shelf feather pins from Hayfield, all created by Hayley in the workshop. They complement our fedoras and are perfect for injecting some country-inspired elegance into your outfit. But Hayley also takes commissions from people who want something totally unique.

From a fascinator for a wedding that must perfectly match a dress to a head-turning feather pin for Ladies Day at Cheltenham, Hayley is your lady for bespoke headwear. Some customers have a clear brief, knowing exactly what they want, while others let her choose for them. They might only specify the size or share their favourite colour, allowing Hayley to use her creativity to come up with something unique and beautiful!

Fabulous feather wraps and satin ribbons!

We also get plenty of clients who aren’t keen on a full feather pin, instead preferring to decorate their fedora with a feather wrap. The black and white chequerboard of guinea fowl feathers is always a popular choice, as is the gentle gleam of pheasant feathers. We also have a ribbon in a range of colours, so people can choose a colour that contrasts with their fedora (or outfit!) or a shade that complements it. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you choosing both a feather wrap and a feather pin to really turn heads - anything is possible when you’re commissioning a bespoke hat from Hayfield England.

So, if you’ve got an autumnal occasion coming up or you know you’re going to a winter wedding, why not chat to Hayley about a bespoke Hayfield hat? She can work with you to create a unique piece of headwear that will make you feel like a million dollars.

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