A closer look at our latest fedora designs...

If your summer has been spent juggling work and the demands of the summer holidays, driving kids from holiday activity to another or helping with pony club camp whilst trying to enjoy any hints of warm weather that we get, September might have come as a bit of a relief. Now that we’re a few weeks into the new school year, we hope things will have calmed down and life is getting back into a more manageable rhythm. Even if your life doesn’t revolve around the school year, September still evokes such a wonderful nostalgia for new beginnings. Whether you feel inspired to look for a new job, start an exciting project or reinvent your look with some key new garments and accessories, we say lean into that ‘new school year’ vibe!

If a wardrobe overhaul is on the cards this autumn, we have good news - we’ve been busy over the past few weeks and months unveiling several new fedoras and they are gorgeous! With key autumnal trends for 2023 including jewel shades, our new designs have been flying off the shelves and straight into our customers’ regular rotations. Let’s take a closer look at them:

The purple fedora

The ultimate jewel shade in our new fedora collection, this purple fedora will turn heads wherever you go, and we haven’t found a feather pin combination it doesn’t suit yet! The wide-brimmed style is so flattering and gives this fedora a slightly contemporary twist that we think you’ll love. Hands up who would love this colour with a statement feather pin for the opening meet at Cheltenham this November?! Take a closer look at our new purple fedora here.

The fuchsia pink fedora

We launched our stunning fuchsia pink fedora back in the summer, but it’s been such a popular choice that we felt it was worth sharing with you all over again. Our classic felt fedora - which is crushable and shower-proof - in a head-turning pink that will elevate every single outfit you pair it with. This shade of pink is so versatile too, pairing with everything from chic navy or bold black to on-trend caramel, pale pink and winter white. Shop this look here.

At Hayfield England we strive to offer our customers headwear that’s the perfect balance of style, sophistication and substance, and our new fedoras do exactly that. They look equally at home at a point-to-point or to keep your head dry if you get caught by a shower on a Sunday stroll to the pub as they are at the biggest race meetings of the year or a gorgeous autumnal wedding…

Which would you go for?

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