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Camel Fedora with Feather Brooch

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Our classic feather pins are where it all started for Hayfield England! They are perfect for decorating our fedora hats, your own favourite country hat or to use as a brooch to accessorise any coat or jacket. Carefully chosen feathers are meticulously attached to a polished and hand-engineered cartridge.

Extra Small 53-54cm

Small 55-56cm

Medium 57-58cm

Large 59-60cm

Extra Large 61-62cm

If your Fedora hat gets muddy (always possible at British country events!), please let it dry before brushing it gently off. If the hat becomes dusty then we recommend using a lint clothes roller to gently restore it to its original colour. If your need to deal with stubborn stains, you may need a damp cloth or clothes brush. To dry your fedora if it becomes wet, please shake off the water and let it dry at room temp. 

Please do not use direct heat as this may cause the hat to misshape.

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Bespoke Feather Brooches & Pins

If you would like a bespoke feather pin or wrap hand-made, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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